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Return Policy
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Return Policy



Cancellation of order before delivery (right of withdrawal before delivery)

1. The Customer has the right to cancel the order, i.e. to cancel the purchase transaction before receiving the purchased products. In this case, the Customer sends a cancellation statement to to the email address will accept the cancellation and refund the price to the customer by crediting his credit card, only if the (purchased) product / (purchased) products have not been delivered to the courier for delivery to the Customer. If they have already been given to the courier company, then the cancellation will be considered as a return of the products under the conditions below.

Changing the products after delivery

2. If the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase made, he has the right to request the change of the purchased product. In this case, the Customer can send an electronic message – e-mail to to the above-mentioned email address,, requesting the exchange of the product with another product of his choice.

3. If the new product has a higher price than the returned product, then the Customer will be notified electronically, by e-mail, to proceed with a new payment procedure (to pay the difference). The e-mail will contain a link to the payment page of this website, through which the Customer will enter all the necessary information.

Return of Products after delivery (Right of withdrawal after delivery)

4. If the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase he has made, he further has the right to return the product he will purchase and request a refund of the price paid. as provided by the Greek legislation for the protection of the consumer (right of withdrawal from a completed sale). In this case, the Customer sends an e-mail message/e-mail to to the email address noted above, requesting the return of the product in exchange for a refund of the price paid.

Deadline for changing or returning products

5. Any request to exchange or return a product must be sent within 15 full days of receiving the product. Requests for exchange or return of products after the period of 15 full days are accepted only in case of defective products in accordance with Greek law, based on the provisions applicable to sales contracts.

Terms and conditions for product exchange or return validity

Return or exchange the entire product

7. Both the right to change and the right to return the product (right to withdraw from the sale) concern the entire purchased product and cannot be exercised on a part of the product alone (e.g. on product accessories).

Condition of the returned products

8. The return or exchange of a product will not be accepted if it is proven that the product has been used and will be returned at the customer’s expense. Products must be returned (for a refund or exchange) in their original condition, complete and intact and with their original packaging (including all accessories, manuals, etc.). They must not have been worn, altered or washed and tags must remain on the product.

Shipping the products to

9. The shipping of products to be returned or exchanged within Greece is charged to the customer, except in the case of a defective product or an error by, which is free of charge only through the same courier company with which the product was sent for the first time, in case of shipping of the product to be returned or exchanged with another courier company, the customer will be charged the shipping costs. The Customer sends a message/e-mail to to the email address noted above, requesting the return or exchange of the product.

The cost of shipping products to be returned or exchanged outside of Greece is borne by the customer.

10. For each product that is returned or for which an exchange is requested, the Customer must receive a copy of the original purchase receipt upon shipment.

Delivery costs for products that are requested to be exchanged

11. In the case of products for which the change is requested, the Customer will be charged the cost of the second receipt of the new product obtained after the change.

Conditions for returning products

12. In case of non-fulfillment of any of the above conditions, is entitled either (a) to consider that the right to change or return was not validly exercised, and therefore not to accept the return or change of the product, or (b) ( especially in the case of products that are not returned intact, worn or used) to accept the exchange or return and at the same time claim compensation from the Customer for the value of the defects of the returned product.

Price refund

13.As soon as receives a request to return or change a product and if the above conditions are met, it will credit the Customer’s credit card with the relevant amount. It usually takes 7 working days to process the request and complete the credit registration. The Customer will be notified once the return/exchange request has been fully processed. In the case provided above that is entitled to compensation for defects of the returned products, it will have the right to offset the relevant amount of the claimed compensation with the price to be refunded.

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